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Sponsorship & Underwriting 

Reach your local Hispanic community and help support one of the region’s most important organizations.

Why choose WLCH Radio Centro? 

  • Deliver your message in an uncluttered environment
  • Associate with the region’s only source for Latino entertainment and information
  • Support a highly effective Spanish-language broadcast media in a highly-desirable and expanding market of Hispanic consumers
  • Raise your brand’s credibility and top-of-mind-awareness among the most loyal listeners around
  • Provide your brand with a powerful public relations tool
  • Be a part of the solution that helps unite communities across ethnic, social, economic, cultural and language lines

Every day, WLCH Radio Centro reaches wide range Hispanic residents throughout our region. Our listeners are among the most loyal available in any medium, and listen an average of 15 hours each week – compared to just 4 hours on other radio stations in the region.

Our listeners and online audiences place a high value on  their Hispanic heritage, and favor brands that understand this.

When you underwrite WLCH you have the daily opportunity to tell our local listeners and online audience that you value programming that not only entertains, but also teaches, inspires and broadens horizons. Supporting our programming communicates that your company sees the importance of supporting something the listeners value … that a company with a presence on Hispanic public radio and television is a company that shares their values, and is a company with which they are more likely to do business. This “halo effect” is the ultimate connection between your company and our audience throughout Lancaster and York.

Let your message stand out in the uncluttered atmosphere of public media. We believe our underwriters are special – and our local audience does, too.

Learn more! Call Claudia Galdamez at 717-399-4185, or email CGaldamez@SACApa.org.



WLCH Radio Centro offers many ways to support and fund community public radio. Underwriting, sponsorships, and event marketing are a few methods to ensure that your business is seen and heard by our target audience.


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