WLCH is a component of the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA). It is licensed as a public educational station which offers the community a wide array of programming in Spanish and English. Established in 1987, WLCH/Radio Centro is the voice of Lancaster’s and York’s Latino community and its preferred source for educational, public affairs and musical entertainment.

WLCH Senior Management 

Claudia Galdamez, General Manager


WLCH (SACA) Board of Directors
Governing Board

Angel Torress, President
Nikolaus & Hohendael, LLP

Lydia Joy Walker, Treasurer
Community First Fund

Elizabeth Soto
Lancaster Theological Seminary

Jeremy Ryan Young
Lancaster City Alliance

Joanne Mathias
RR Donnelley

Todd Eachus

Kyle Amor, Vice President

Misael Franqui, Secretary
Boy Scouts of America

Guillermo San Juan Jesus Cruz
Mennonite Central Committee US

Samuel Encarnacion
Haggerty & Silverman, PC

WLCH Community Advisory Board
Supporting wlch programming

Lucciola Gonzalez

Jose A. Rosado

Luz Maria Rodriquez

Nelsy Agramonte

Fatima Marin

Jairo Velasco

Margarita Ayala

Carlos A. Gonzalez

Ingrid Mora-Smith

Sebastian Samaniego

Nadina Feakins


Open Meeting Policy
Public Access


Open Meeting Policy: It is the policy of WLCH that meetings of the governing board of the organization, its committees, and advisory boards shall be open to the public. Meetings or portions of meetings may occasionally be closed to the public when considering matters relating to individual employees, proprietary information or litigation. A written statement explaining the reason for closing the meeting will be available on the website within a reasonable period of time.

In keeping with the policy, please be advised of the following open meetings: Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board, and other advisory committee meetings. Below are the dates, times and locations of meetings.

If you have difficulty in accessing the documents that are contained in this website or if there is a document that is not included in the website that you would like to request, contact Claudia Galdamez at 717-295-7996/cgaldamez@sacapa.org.


Upcoming Meetings
Mark your calendar


WLCH Governing Board – SACA Board of Directors Meetings
January 30, 2019 at 8:45 AM
 SACA Board Room, 431 South Lime St, Lancaster, PA 17602
For further information, contact Claudia Galdamez at 717-295-7996/
(*Minutes of the Board meetings are found below).

WLCH Community Advisory Board (CAB):
This meeting was cancelled due to the weather!
The upcoming  CAB meeting will be held September 14, 2017, 6:00pm
WLCH Office, 453 South Lime St., Suite D, Lancaster, PA 17602
For further information, contact Claudia Galdamez at 717-295-7996/